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Wednesday, August 24, 2005

I hate waiting for medical results

If you're a cancer survivor or had a close friend or relative with cancer, you probably know how I feel right now.

This last Monday I went for a MRI. While in the hospital two weeks ago a spot was discovered on my adrenal gland. My primary care doctor wanted this checked out but didn't order the MRI till I was nearly released from the hospital. The day I was being discharged, I was scheduled for an exam the same afternoon. It was decided to do the MRI outpatient instead.

When I went for the exam on Monday, I was told two days for the results. I called Dr. Nguyen's office this afternoon, they still hadn't gotten the results. A further check with Boynton Beach Open Imaging shows they were working on them right now. Ugh I just hope to hear about them today. I plan on checking on it again in an hour or so.

It was December 1993 when my malignant melanoma was first diagnosed. That first time was probably the only time I wasn't anxious about results. The news from Dr. Rubenstein when my wife and I received it on Dec. 30th that year floored us.

Ever since I have never been patient with medical results. Whether its a biopsy, an MRI, bloodwork or any test. The unexpected has happened before, MM is very aggressive. I've survived not just one of them, but FOUR all diagnosed in 1993-94.(Two on my back, one on my face, one on my left arm) Ten years is a long time for a recurrence but I know from other patients its hardly impossible. I've been very lucky, while too many of my friends haven't been. Therefore I always wonder if my luck will run out.

All I can do is pray and wait. It just isn't easy.

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