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Monday, June 27, 2005

Sour Grapes

The Palm Beach Post has a very fine golf writer. His name is Craig Dolch and I have emailed him from time to time.

For last week's US Open, Alan Tays covered the event instead of Mr. Dolch. There is a league of sea of difference between the two of them. First on Sunday in a long cheerleading style article Mr. Tays was talking how they should be talking a Morgan slam. Part of it because she was low US Open qualifier. Which is great for a 17-year-old girl but very few people consider a Open qualifier a tournament.

In Today's Palm Beach Post Mr. Tays is back with a front page commentary. I've highlighted part of it below.

Standing in a bunker so deep she couldn't see out of it, Kim blasted her ball out of the sand. It came out low and hot, darting across the green, showing no sign of stopping.

Until the cup got in the way. The ball caught the left edge of the hole and dropped in for — what else? — a birdie

In a non commentary news report, Mr. Tays Describes the shot-

It came out low and hot.

And it went in the hole. For a birdie.

Sorry Mr. Tays, this was an incredible shot that you seem to want to acknowledge in your non-stop Morgan cheerleading. I was watching yesterday when it happened. The shot was low, but it certainly wasn't hot.

I've checked other news reports, AP, Sun-Sentinel, Denver Post. None called the shot low and hot.

The ball went in left center. Not Left edge.

The ball was going to finish ten feet or less from the hole. Not exactly showing no signs of stopping. The ball was going about the same speed as Bob Tway's 86 PGA blast or Larry Mize's 87 chip at the Masters.

If you would ask any one else in yesterday's field about Ms. Kim's shot, they would have taken the end result of it even if it hadn't gone in a hole. It was a great shot. Mr. Tays you're just too blinded by cheerleading to see it.

In the future may I suggest a good optomertrist.

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