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Monday, May 30, 2005

Memorial Day

Yesterday my wife watched the PBS Memorial Day Concert from our nation's capitol. During the broadcast A letter was read from Marine Staff Sgt. Donald May. It was addressed to his wife Deborah.

Next Deborah appeared on stage and we learned the rest of the story. Ssgt Donald May had passed away shortly after writing that letter. He had died in Iraq fighting for this nation's freedom. Listening to Deborah I could barely avoid crying.

This morning I did a little poking around to learn more about his hero and his brave wife. The article is about Deborah but also how these soldier's deaths hit home also.

Thank you Ssgt May and all those who fought and died for our country. To protect the freedoms too many of us take for granted.

God bless Deborah May and her children, and all those who lost loved ones in Iraq, Afghanistan or anywhere in the world as they served our country.

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