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Friday, May 27, 2005

My first post- The Knucklehead of the Day

This will be an award I will give out as often as there are suitable candidates. It's for any idiot either in the news or just encounter where I live. Today's winner I find particularly outrageous.

Goes to any of the 12 members on the board of Goldstar Mothers who voted to deny Ligaya Lagman membership. This organization which is for mothers who lost children during the war, denied Mrs. Lagaman membership after her son Army Sgt. Anthony Lagaman died in Afghanistan. What was the reason? The rules for Gold Star Mothers says a mother must be a US citizen. Ligaya Lagman is a Permanent Resident Alien and her son was a US Citizen.
WHITE PLAINS, N.Y. (AP) -- Everyone agrees that Ligaya Lagman is a Gold Star mother, part of the long line of mournful women whose sons or daughters gave their lives for their country. Her 27-year-old son, Army Staff Sgt. Anthony Lagman, was killed last year in Afghanistan, but American Gold Star Mothers Inc., has rejected Lagman, a Filipino, for membership because - though a permanent resident and a taxpayer - she is not a U.S. citizen.
"There's nothing we can do because that's what our organization says: You have to be an American citizen," national President Ann Herd said Thursday. "We can't go changing the rules every time the wind blows."
This excuse given by Ms. Herd is the standard one for groups of xenophobic idiots that Ms. Herd obviously belongs to. The woman lost her son who fought so this organization could even exist. If terrorists had their way, the DC based organization would be dust particles in a mushroom cloud.
That explanation isn't satisfying the war veterans who sponsored Lagman's application, some other members of the mothers' group or several members of Congress.
Rep. Eliot Engel, who represents an adjoining district, said the group should change its rules immediately.
"Whatever the excuse, American Gold Star Mothers' decision smacks of xenophobia and is in stark contrast to what Mrs. Lagman's son fought and died for," Engel said.
Amen Congressman Engel.
A past president of the mothers' group, Dorothy Oxendine, of Farmingdale, said, "There's no discrimination in a national cemetery. There's no discrimination when they get killed side by side. So how can we discriminate against a mother?"
Apparently the board thinks they can. Just shows what a bunch of idiotic nitwits they are. They should be shamed nationally for the actions they have taken. People this stupid need to be ostracized.
Lagman has lived in the United States for more than 20 years. She was not at home Thursday, apparently tending to her husband, who is hospitalized. But her other son, Chris Lagman, said in Thursday's The Journal News that all she wants "is recognition as the mother of this fallen soldier."
"We can't go changing the rules every time we turn around," said Herd, the national president. "When we have problems within our organization with people not abiding by the rules, we just get it straightened out, we don't change the rules."
As I said before just the cover story for this board's unconscionable decision. Rules are the last refuge for scoundrels. Ms. Herd definitely qualifies as one.
Oxendine, the former president, said she is sure the general membership would approve a rules change if the board did.
"I can't believe that 12 intelligent women would ever not have it in their hearts to think about another Gold Star mother," Oxendine said. "You pay a high price to join the American Gold Star Mothers. I figure her dues were paid."
Yes Mrs. Oxendine, Ligaya Lagman has paid her dues but I wouldn't call any of these 12 women intelligent. THEY ARE MORONS!
The Gold Star Membership should oust the whole board or quit. That simple.
Below is the contact info for the organization. Let them know how you feel about their board's stupidity.
The American Gold Star Mothers, Inc.2128 Leroy Place NW - Washington, DC 20008Phone: 202-265-0991 Fax: 202-265-6963E-mail us at

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