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Friday, July 31, 2009

Don't cry

Naked News in South Korea won't be airing anytime soon.

After all of the circus hoopla and controversy surrounding the launch of the Korean version of the Naked News franchise, its existence now hangs by a pithy thread as production came to a screeching halt since Thursday -- just one month after its inception. The problem? Money.

Nine of the anchors have yet to be compensated for their work during the month the service has been up while customer service has ceased its operation leaving 260,000 paid subscribers for the month of July, hanging, according to local reports.

The problem began when management of the Naked News Korea branch requested its anchors contracted to present news only in semi-nude form (i.e. in lingerie and bikini tops) to strip down completely for its pay-for-play adults-only version.

This prompted five of its anchors to hand in their resignations while the rest of its personalities stayed on.
Naked news that didn't go topless. Only in South Korea?

I'm only guessing but these anchor women were probably offered large salaries. When something sounds too good to be true, it usually is.

They may have lost money, but maybe these women still have their dignity. That is worth something.

Hat tip- GI at ROK Drop. Brian and Marmot's Hole are also blogging on this news.

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Sunday, July 26, 2009


Ai Miyazato has won her first LPGA tournament. From AP-

Ai Miyazato of Japan has won the Evian Masters with a birdie on the first playoff hole, beating Sophie Gustafson of Sweden to clinch her first victory on the LPGA Tour.

Miyazato steadied herself and sank a putt from about 6 feet on Sunday after Gustafson had missed her birdie putt from the edge of the green.

Miyazato shot a 3-under 69 in the final round and Gustafson had a 2-under 70 as both finished at 14-under 274.

Gustafson could have won on the 18th hole when her eagle putt stopped right on the edge of the hole.
I am happy Ai won. One of my golf predictions has finally come true, if a little bit belatedly.

Miyazato came on the LPGA Tour in 2006 after dominating the JLPGA. As a result, much was expected from Ai. Her first three years on the LPGA were solid, but she couldn't get that first elusive victory. The closest she came was a loss to Seon Hwa Lee in the finals of the 2007 HSBC Women's World Match Play Championship. Lee won the 2006 Rookie of the Year award many golf prognosticators predicted would go to Miyazato.

Of the last eight LPGA tournament winners, seven have come from Asia. Next week is the British Open, and I'll predict the streak becomes eight out of nine. My pick for the last major of the 2009 LPGA season- In Kyung Kim. She finished tied for 3rd at the U.S. Open, tied for 8th at Evian, and is one of the top five money winners this year.

The Constructivist is more than ecstatic about Ai Miyazato's victory in this blog post.

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Thursday, July 16, 2009

From the Silly News desk

This news gives new meaning to the golf term 'dogleg left'.

A golf course employee who killed a golfer's dog and planned to eat it was sentenced yesterday to three months in prison for felony animal cruelty.

Nelson Domingo was also fined $500 and ordered to complete 400 hours of community service and three years of probation.

The sentence was imposed by Circuit Judge Randal Lee.

Domingo and co-defendant Saturnino Palting stole an 8-month-old puppy named Caddy, took it home and butchered it.

The dog had been left on a leash near an equipment shack at Moanalua Golf Course by its owner, who discovered the pet missing when he returned to retrieve it.

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