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Monday, March 23, 2009

Today's edition of bad golf recordkeeping

Goes to The World Golf Hall of Fame's page on Hale Irwin-

Just as he excels on difficult golf courses, Irwin excels on difficult shots. Each of his U.S. Open victories is remembered for superb strokes with a 2-iron at vital moments. At Winged Foot, Irwin closed the door on the 72nd hole with a 2-iron to eight feet.
Thank goodness Sports Illustrated has The 'Vault' where you can look up old issues of the magazine. In 1974, Dan Jenkins told an entirely different version of Irwin's shot to the 72 hole at WInged Foot. Isn't it amazing how much that putt has shrunk through time. From twenty-five to eight. It was a great shot, but I'll believe Jenkins version told just days after it happened than the WGHOF's revisionist attempt at history.

This isn't an isolated instance either. Check how I fixed wikipedia here. I bet there are 20 or more examples out there in internet like the ones involving Dave Stockton and Hale Irwin.

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