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Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Goodbye Derek Hagen

He was a 3rd round pick from Arizona State in the 2006 NFL draft. From the Sun-Sentinel-

At one point this season Derek Hagan was the Dolphins starting receiver. Today he's an unemployed one.

According to a team source, the Dolphins released Hagan, the team's 2006 third-round pick.

Hagan, 24, had been inactive for most of the season because of his limited contributions on special teams. Waiver wire pickup Brandon London took his spot on the active roster, and his continued development as the Dolphins' big, physical receiver made Hagan expendable.

The former Arizona State standout, who set Pac-10 receiving records, finished his Dolphins career with 53 receptions 645 yards and three touchdowns. He started one game in 2 ½ seasons with the Dolphins.

This season Hagan caught three passes for 51 yards during a 31-10 loss to Arizona, getting on the field during mop-up time.
That Hagen couldn't a NFL team with a mediocre or unproven receiving corps, says volumes about his abilities. Hagen, who trouble with drops in the NFL as he did at ASU, was just one of the many poor draft selections made by Nick Saban's two years as Dolphin head coach.

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