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Friday, October 31, 2008

Florida the rules are different here Chapter CLXVI

A squirrel gets electrocuted and this causes delays at a polling place. Will disenfranchised voter's sue the rodent's estate? Was he a Obama or McCain supporter? Was the squirrel looking for ACORN and got knocked off? WKMG in Orlando calls the squirrel 'suicidal'. Was there a note left behind or is this a coverup?*

I'll leave the mystery to others. Don't you just love The Sunshine State?

A suicidal squirrel caused delays for early voters when it knocked out power for about 800 customers, including the Indian River County Library and Courthouse.

Elections officials say early voting was slowed - but not stopped - at the library on Thursday. Voters were still able to cast their ballots by flashlight.

Officials say a squirrel leaped from a tree onto a power line, causing a fire that tripped an electrical switch, knocking out a power line feeding a section of Vero Beach.

The dead squirrel was found lying on the ground.

Early voting continued as usual after power was restored. It was out for about an hour and a half.

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