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Sunday, November 16, 2008

Broaden your horizons, increase your memory

Maureen Dowd has a very small world view. Writing why she feels Hillary Clinton would want to be Secretary of State if asked, the NY Times columnist says-

And why should the woman who made 18 million cracks go back to being junior to Chuck Schumer, if she could be toasted from Dublin to Dubai?
I'm not sure what the 18 million cracks Maureen refers to is supposed to be. Any guesses out there?

Dublin to Dubai? I guess Hillary won't be liked in Central and South America, Asia, Africa. If Maureen was more clever than she thinks she is, she may have written Dumaguete City or Darwin.

See I nitpick liberal columnists too, not just Mark Steyn. One other thing.

(Lincoln appointed a New York senator, William Seward, as his secretary of state. He promptly bought Alaska, known as "Seward's Folly," which ended up bringing us the folly of Sarah Palin).
Someone remind Maureen of how she wrote about a Hillary-Palin presidential debate in 2012 a few months ago. Maureen was probably mocking Ms. Palin, it is only fair if I mock her back.

Hat tip- Ann Althouse


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