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Thursday, September 25, 2008

A sign of the apocalypse

First Dawn 'Mary Ann' Wells gets arrested for having marijuana, now Hugh Hefner may have to make cutbacks.

Tycoon Hugh Hefner has been advised to cut back on staff at his multi-million dollar glamour empire as it struggles to cope during the global economic turmoil.

The 83-year-old has been told to lay off some of his staff at his Los Angeles and New York offices as soon as this month or go bankrupt.
Seriously if Hefner has to cut back that quickly, he must have serious financial difficulties.

There is other trouble for Hugh also.

The news will be another blow to Hefner who recently discovered that two of his "bunnies" may have been cheating on him.

Holly Madison, who has previously been named as Hefner's "No.1″ girlfriend, is alleged to have had an affair with magician Criss Angel and another bunny, Kendra Wilson, is reportedly dating football star Hank Baskett.
Its hard times for people all over the world right now. Hugh will just have to move on(or over).

Hat tip- Doug at Below the Beltway who writes "It's a sad day for America, my friends."

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