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Wednesday, March 05, 2008

They are just too big

Being married to a Filipina and having lived and traveled in Asia, I like to keep up with news in the region. That includes the reading of blogs.

Japundit is a blog I discovered less than a year ago. Its a mostly irreverent place. Good for finding all sorts of odd news. Something I like posting to my blog.

Here is some recent news concerning Japanese model Serena Kozakura.

Serena Kozakura, a Japanese model, proves size DOES matter when a court threw out the model’s case based on her breast size.

Serena was found guilty of breaking and entering into a man’s apartment, kicking a hole in a door and crawling through. On her appeal, the defense held up a cutout size of the hole, showing the impossibility of Serena’s 44 inch boobs going through.

Serena rejoiced in the verdict: “I used to hate my body so much, but it was my breasts that won in court”
If she hated her body, she would get a reduction. Definitely put Serena's legal victory in the crazy but successful legal defense strategy files.

As much as I like Asian women, I don't find Serena very appealing. That crazed look in her eyes. If I want big breasts, give me Rio Natsume any day. J hope these women have good chiropractors.

Thanks to Japundit and Weird Asia News.

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