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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Kicked to the curb

Has law enforcement rid itself of Knucklehead Andrea Eichhorn for good.

The Casselberry police sergeant who sued the family of a severely brain damaged boy because she slipped in a puddle of water while helping with his rescue is still fired.

Former Sgt. Andrea Eichhorn, 36, was fired Dec. 4 by Police Chief John Pavlis. She appealed that decision, and today Casselberry City Manager Barbara Lipscomb denied the appeal.
Depending on whether Casselberry has a police union or not, Eichorn's termination could be appealed further. Here in Palm Beach County fired law enforcement officers have been able to get their jobs back through third-party arbitration.

For the sake of Casselberry, I hope Eichhorn is gone for good. She had other work issues, including once being investigated for fraud and forgery by the FDLE. All things considered, no police department should ever hire this woman.


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