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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Vistula oil spill

100 tons of fuel oil have leaked into Poland's biggest river.

WARSAW, Poland (AP) -- Some 150 emergency workers and firefighters have contained a spill of approximately 100 tons of fuel oil that leaked into Poland's Vistula river after a pipeline malfunction, officials said Tuesday.

The oil spilled Monday from an underwater local pipeline linking a refinery in Plock, in central Poland, with its storage facilities, some 120 kilometers (75 miles) away, said Krzysztof Zalewski, spokesman for the state pipeline operator PERN.

The pipeline was closed and experts were looking for the source of the leak, he said.

Firefighters said there was no major contamination of the Vistula, and that no dead fish or birds were found in or around it. The spill occurred in the lower part of the river, near the town of Wloclawek.
For Poland's sake, I hope the spill can be contained. The Vistula is the country's longest river, it passes by many of the nation's biggest cities including Warsaw before emptying into the Baltic by Gdansk. The damage a spill can do can't be underestimated. Look at the pictures from this recent accident in South Korea.

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