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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Broward County Tax Break

From the Sun-Sentinel-

Broward County officials are considering waiving any tax bill of less than $30 and will discuss it at today's County Commission meeting. They collect less money than they spend assessing the property and mailing the bills.

The main beneficiaries would be small businesses, mobile home owners and landlords who must pay property taxes on their furnishings and fixtures. That's the computer and desk of a real estate agent who works from home, and the carport and shed of a mobile home owner.

About 21,000 tax bills in all would be wiped off the books under the plan.


Local governments will lose $380,000 in taxes, but will save $569,000 in expenses to collect that money.

No homeowners would benefit from the change even if the tax value of their home is negligible, as is the case with some low-income seniors who have long lived in inexpensive condos. Their bill still would include fees for services such as fire protection and garbage that would push it over the $30 limit.
If it costs more money to collect, waving these bills makes sense to me. So lets get it over with Commissioners before more money is spent debating this bit of common sense. Then this is Florida, who said our elected officials use their their heads?

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