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Friday, December 14, 2007

Don't cry for Argentina

A certain song came to mind when I read this news.

BUENOS AIRES, Argentina - Argentina's new president reacted furiously Thursday to accusations by U.S. prosecutors that an intercepted suitcase full of cash from Venezuela was meant to finance her election campaign, calling the charge "garbage in international politics."

Aides to President Cristina Fernandez accused Washington of using a "vile trick" to smear her government for its close ties to Venezuela's leftist leader, Hugo Chavez, who is campaigning to reduce U.S. influence in Latin America.

Fernandez, one of only two female heads of state in Latin America, suggested the charges might have been directed at her in part because of her gender.

"This president may be a woman, but she's not going to allow herself to be pressured," Fernandez said, glaring at the cameras. She denounced the U.S. criminal complaint, but did not address the substance of the charges — that foreigners secretly tried to fund her campaign.


Fernandez appeared taken off guard by the charge that surfaced just two days after her inauguration. Her opponents demanded that Argentine authorities take testimony from four men charged in Miami with orchestrating a cover-up with top Venezuelan officials after the undeclared cash was seized by Argentine customs.

It's not against Argentine law for foreigners to contribute to a presidential campaign, but it is illegal to do so secretly. It also is illegal to bring undeclared cash into the country.

In a Florida court Wednesday, U.S. prosecutors accused the men of being illegal agents of a foreign government and said recorded conversations indicated the scheme reached the highest levels of the Venezuelan government.

The Venezuelan-American businessman who carried the suitcase, Guido Alejandro Antonini Wilson, is not charged and appears to be a key witness in the case. He is named in an extradition request by Argentina, where he is wanted on fraud charges.
A man wanted by the law is involved with trying to bring money illegally into the country. Of course this was totally an innocent act. Don't you alsolove how the President says this is a result of her gender. I'll point out, crooked politicians come both male and female. Here are recent instances of corruption or allegations of corruption involving either male and female heads of state or a Prime Minister.

I don't know enough of the facts to prove or disprove President Cristina Fernandez allegations. Her playing the victim and my general cynicism when it comes to politicians and money, make me think the allegations are true. Feel free to disagree.

BTW I prefer Sarah Brightman to Madonna when it comes to singing 'Don't cry for me Argentina.' Lea Salonga is great too.

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