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Saturday, November 03, 2007

All Knucklehead Day Award Twevle

Our 12th winner today is Frank Margarella. He gets the award for the following.

TAMPA - One-time Tampa City Council candidate Frank Margarella must pay the Florida Elections Commission $3,000, or he could face penalties almost three times that amount.

The commission found probable cause in August that Margarella, who lost the District 7 council race, violated nine counts of the elections code when he used his campaign account to pay for meals, drinks, rounds of golf and country club dues.

The New Tampa real estate agent also bounced a $1,809.35 check to Hunter's Green Country Club, a violation that carries an additional penalty of three times the amount of the illegal expenditure. The commission dismissed 18 additional counts.

Margarella, in an earlier interview, told the Tribune he thinks he didn't do anything wrong but wanted to settle the case to 'put it behind me.' He declined to comment on the agreement.

Elections Commission attorney Chuck Finkle said Margarella must submit a cashier's check by Nov. 9.
Its good voters didn't elect Mr. Margarella. If he spent campaign money on his personal pleasure, you can imagine what we can imagine what he would do with taxpayer money. Frank Margarella is our 12th Knucklehead winner of the Day.

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