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Saturday, November 03, 2007

All Knucklehead Day Award Eight

Our eigth winner of the day is the LA Times and its reporter Tim Rutten. Rutten recently wrote an article titled 'Drudge, New Republic battle over 'Baghdad Diarist'

He described the ridicule of a disfigured Iraqi woman, attempts to run over stray dogs with Bradley fighting vehicles...

Did Rutten even bother to read the articles in question? As Bob Owens at the Confederate Yankee writes-

The burned woman has never be described as being an Iraqi... Rutten is the first. Nor were the claims in the Bradley stories described as mere attempt; there were three successful and grisly killings alleged by the author.

As a TNR subscriber, I can verify that Owens is dead on. Rutten makes mistakes in consecutive paragraphs.

He's not done yet either.

The magazine determined that the incident involving the disfigured woman was concocted and corrected that...
Bob Owens again replies-

No, the editors of TNR did not admit that anecdote was "concocted." They shifted the story to another time, in another country, but still maintain that it occurred.
Rutten and the LA Times have made the out to be a complete imbecile. He's criticizing the blogosphere but can't apparently read. Here's one last doozy in article full of them.

Why has the Army kept Beauchamp in Iraq where it can control access to him and he's beyond the reach of any other jurisdiction?
Bob Owens reply-

Beauchamp is a soldier assigned to a combat unit in Iraq, and Beauchamp chose to remain with his unit in Iraq when given the option of leaving the Army.

Go and read the entire post at Confederate Yankee. Bob Owens has been doing excellent work on the Beauchamp story, not like this paid Knucklehead blogger who steals other people's work and lies to boot.

Rutten should ask the LA Times for a job as a golf reporter. Facts aren't considered important in that type of news coverage. They should be, as they should when writing about a media firestorm where a media outlet played loose with the facts. For failing to accurately report the writing in a controversial article, Tim Rutten and the LA Times are our eigth Knuckleheads of the Day.

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