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Saturday, September 01, 2007

More on Angel Cruz

The Florida man with his private currency is back in the news.

Not content with printing its own "private dollars," a Kissimmee company under federal investigation for issuing fraudulent checks announced it is now going to print actual U.S. dollars.

Angel Cruz, chairman of The United Cities Corp., said Friday that he has given notice to several federal agencies about his new plan.

He is also calling for the Department of Treasury's Office of the Comptroller of the Currency as well as the Federal Reserve System -- which he has called "Satan's banking system"-- "to prove or retract their false claims within 48 hours" about his company issuing "worthless" checks.

So he and his network of business affiliates will do it.

He said he will be printing "real U.S. dollars," because he considers those issued by the Federal Reserve illegal, since they are not backed by gold, silver or any other tangible assets.

"Who gave me the right? The American people within the network, by signing all the contracts, by providing legit currency, legal currency, because the reserve note is not a legal currency. It's a monopoly, which is against the law."

Treasury officials could not be reached for comment Friday, but a U.S. Secret Service official said the agency would add the new development to its probe.

"We will let the chips fall where they may later on," said Jim Glendinning, assistant special agent-in-charge with the service's Orlando field office. "We will investigate, and we will let the U.S. Attorney's Office [make] the decision on the appropriate action."

The unusual case surfaced last month after dozens who had joined the project as employees for Kissimmee nonprofit JC Consultores Laborales, a partner of Cruz's company, deposited checks rejected as fraudulent.

Dozens of employees, mostly of Hispanic origin, had accepted work with the nonprofit, counting on an offer from United Cities. They were told their jobs would be guaranteed for 30 years, with unusual benefits such as a house purchased at a low-interest rate, a new leased car every three years and free health insurance. The company also offered to pay all their debts and utilities.
I blogged previously about Mr. Cruz, here and here.

He's either a crackpot or a bunco artist. I lean to the former, for no sane person would go about bragging how they are making their very own money. A little old thing called counterfeiting laws.

As to the employees had by this man, there's a saying. If it sounds too good to be true, it is. Even money, Mr. Cruz gets arrested on some federal charges. All that currency of his won't be accepted as bail money.

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