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Friday, August 31, 2007

Will the last Republican delegate left please turn out the light

Wyoming has become the latest state to change when it will have its 2008 Presidential caucus or primary.

CHEYENNE, Wyo. - Wyoming Republicans have jumped to the head of the pack in the nominating process, moving their delegate-selection conventions to Jan. 5 before even Iowa or New Hampshire vote.

While the move puts Wyoming first in the accelerated primary process, it is not expected to stay there as states continue to jockey for position. At stake for Wyoming Republicans on Jan. 5 will be 12 delegates to the national convention.

"We're first in the nation," said Tom Sansonetti, the state party's 2008 county convention coordinator. "At least for the next couple, three weeks until New Hampshire and Iowa move, which I expect they will."

Wyoming Republicans made the decision Saturday and announced it late Tuesday.
Wyoming isn't the first. Michigan made a similar move, its primary now scheduled for January 15th.

The reaction from the National parties is as predictable as ever.

As a deterrence, the Republican National Committee insists they will penalize states that schedule nominating contests before Feb. 5 by withholding delegates to the conventions next summer.

"The rules are very clear. Any state that holds its primary outside the window will be penalized delegates," said Republican National Committee spokesman Paul Lindsay, adding delegates would be allocated to states at the end of the year.

Sansonetti said Wyoming stood to lose half its delegates.
Sounds just like the threats to Florida. Given enough time, the only states with delegates at the convention will be Iowa and New Hampshire. Now tell me how that's good for democracy or the nation.

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