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Monday, July 02, 2007

Taste tester

From AP-

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - A leading critic of China in the U.S. Senate called on Sunday for creation of a new American "import czar," saying the current maze of federal oversight has failed to protect consumers against harmful Chinese imports.

Sen. Charles Schumer, a New York Democrat who is also helping to spearhead a legislative drive to press China on currency reforms, called for a new oversight post within the Commerce Department to oversee all matters pertaining to the safety of imported goods.

A statement issued by Schumer's office said federal agencies including the Food and Drug Administration have proven ineffective at protecting American consumers from dangerous Chinese products including pet food and toothpaste tainted with industrial chemicals.

"There are more than a half dozen federal agencies responsible for monitoring, testing, and blocking dangerous or tainted shipments," the Schumer statement said.

"This maze includes cabinet level departments, independent agencies and administrations within executive agencies, all operating with different regulations, rules and protocols."

A series of Chinese import recalls and food scares has subjected the FDA to criticism over low inspection rates. Last Thursday, the agency said it would not allow imports of Chinese farm-raised catfish, shrimp and other seafood until suppliers can prove the shipments are free from harmful residues.

Schumer's office said an import oversight officer could coordinate the efforts of other agencies charged with consumer safety related to imports.
We've got plenty of government bureaucracy as is. Does Senator Schumer have some unemployed relative or friend who needs a job or is New York's Senior Senator looking to make a headline. I'm guessing the later.

Hat tip- Dr. Taylor at Poliblog who writes- "And anyway, what’s the guy going to do, taste all the food and test all the products from China and then we’ll watch him to see if he gets sick?" LOL.

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