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Thursday, February 01, 2007

Florida the rules are different here Chapter LXXVI

From the Tallahassee Democrat-

The Florida Highway Patrol issued Tallahassee Deputy Police Chief Rafael Hernandez a civil traffic citation Wednesday for driving 100 mph on Interstate 10.

The FHP also blasted a TPD internal affairs investigation into the incident and said it "never addressed the serious nature of the excessive speed violation," according to a release. The Tallahassee police chief said his department responded appropriately.

Hernandez received a counseling letter from the department, but no formal disciplinary action for speeding on Nov. 26. The state trooper who pulled him over, 22-year highway patrol veteran Jimmy Love, stated that Hernandez tried to use his position to get out of getting a ticket, saying "I am the assistant chief of police of the city of Tallahassee ... you write your ticket, and I'll take you to court."

Earlier, Hernandez said the tension at the stop was due to a "misconception" and that he wasn't arrogant, but "embarrassed." Love gave Hernandez a warning, but no ticket.
Hernandez doesn't deserve a ticket, he deserves to be fired from his position of the Deputy Chief. This is acceptable behavior from a 2nd in command of a City police? Hernandez showed reckless disregard for public safety besides disrespect for the law by his high rate of speed. No one who conducts himself in such a manner should be in any position of authority in a police department or even in law enforcement at all. Hernandez is a disgrace to the uniform he wears. Officer Love should be fired also for not issuing a ticket.

But this if Florida, state of the one very screwed up legal and law enforcement system. Those who run it flaunt the laws while enforcing the same ones on the people they are supposed to protect. Don't you just love this state?

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