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Thursday, November 02, 2006

Jim Davis the MIA candidate

If he won't or can't be troubled to vote in Congress, what could you expect at election time. From today's Tampa Tribune.

TAMPA - Democratic candidate for governor Jim Davis denied a flurry of speculation Wednesday night that he failed to vote in the 2000 election, blaming an elections office record he said is false. The record, he said, was released by "a Bush appointee," Hillsborough County Elections Supervisor Buddy Johnson.

"A Bush appointee tonight produced a piece of paper that claims to say I didn't vote. The paper is wrong," Davis said.

Davis' Republican opponent, Charlie Crist, has criticized Davis for missing votes in Congress while campaigning for governor.

Johnson promptly denied that he had released any records on Davis on Wednesday, and added, "I strongly resent the insinuation" of any political motive.

Johnson did confirm that a voter history record that apparently came from his office more than a month ago, which reporters asked him about Wednesday, indicates Davis didn't vote.

Johnson wasn't elections supervisor at the time. He was appointed by Gov. Jeb Bush in 2003, before winning election to a full term in 2004.

The voter history, he said, "was printed from the system which I inherited."

Computerized voter records accessed by The Tampa Tribune late Wednesday, which aren't official, also don't show Davis casting a ballot in the race.
Davis denies it of course. I'll put my faith in the records before a politician's word any time. Just further proof Davis is either apathetic or seriously distracted from the duties of any political office he has held. Do you want that in your governor?

Note- The MIA in this post's title stands for Missing in Action not Miami.

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