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Sunday, October 29, 2006

I beg you

From today's Sarasota Herald-Tribune-

VENICE -- Sisters Belle and Piper Aurora Hale spent their last night dressed up as the Disney princesses they were named after.

Belle, 4, and Piper, 3, were heading home from a church's Halloween party with their family Friday when they died in a car crash on River Road.

"They're both our little princesses," said the girls' father, Samuel Hale, who was driving them back to their Port Charlotte home when the accident occurred.

"They were always loving on everything. They were so sweet," Samuel Hale said Saturday as words caught in his throat and his eyes glistened with tears.

As he grieves the loss of his little girls, Hale has to deal with the possibility that he could face traffic or criminal charges in their deaths.

After Hale ran a stop sign at River Road and Venice Avenue, a Jeep crashed into the family's 1994 Nissan, according to the Florida Highway Patrol. Then, the Nissan struck a stop sign and ultimately overturned.

Both girls were thrown from the back seat. Kira Hale, the girls' mother, was sitting in the rear seat with them and also was ejected, the FHP said. She received serious injuries and was transported to Lee Memorial Hospital.
Having lost a child, I can certainly understand the agony the Hales are going through at this minute.

This story almost made me want to cry when I saw it yesterday. I'm not blaming Mr. Hale, we don't know yet what happened or why no one was buckled in. Any parents out there, please make sure your children are always buckled in when riding around in the automobile. Life is too precious, and we don't know when it can end. I never want to read a story again like the one of Belle and Piper Hale.

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