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Friday, September 22, 2006

What's that funny white substance they use on football fields?

From Blogger Bright & Early

I heard this on the radio yesterday and thought everyone should know:

A mysterious substance was found at the Tampa Bay Buccaneer's practice facility on Wednesday. Coach John Gruden immediately shut down practice and called the authorities.

Department of Homeland Security and local HAZMAT teams examined the suspicious white powder located at either end of the practice field.

Testing revealed that the substance was primarily calcium carbonate (chalk).

The HAZMAT chief said, "We appreciate the team taking security seriously. However, there is no danger from exposure to this substance." He suggested that, "The material was, in fact, the goal line. It is understandable that the team was unfamiliar with the substance, as they haven't seen the goal line yet this season."
LMAO! Is this true or is my friend Jim pulling my leg and voicing some frustration with the Bucs? I'll let you decide which applies to my fellow Florida blogger. Just be gentle with him, ok?

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