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Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Primary blogging

Today is primary election day in Florida. This post will remain at the top of the blog for the entire day.

Races today=

1 Republican and Democaratic primaries for Governor
2 Republican primary for the US Senate
3 Democratic primary for State House Seat 85
4 Democratic primary for State Senate Seat 30
5 15th Circuit Court Judge Group 13

There are others but the above five are the ones I've blogged about before.

TFM is a registered Democrat. I will vote later this afternoon. Here are my endorsements for the above races

1- Rod Smith(D) and Charlie Crist(R)
2- Will McBride or anyone but Katherine Harris
3- Jeffrey Murphy
4- Ted Deutsch
5- Art Wroble

Someone is trying to derail the Charlie Crist campaign. Read this post to see who TFM suspects is behind this bit of news.

8 a.m.- My wife and mother-in-law voted after mass this morning. Our polling place was not crowded. Come on everyone, today is an important election. Do not forget to vote.

I'm having a chest x-ray this afternoon as part of my annual cancer checkup. While out I will go and vote.

Yesterday's Palm Beach Post had an article on Elections Supervisor Arthur Anderson and how this is his biggest test since taking office. I do hope Anderson performs his duties better than he did with this local race.

545 p.m. update- Well I was offline most of the afternoon. The Bell South Network connection was down in my area.

I voted around 1:45 this afternoon. The poll was empty except for myself and the people who work there. A constant all-day rain seems to be keeping people home. Some people are dumb, today's election is too important to pass on for any reason.

I'm going to watch Katie Couric on CBS at 6:30, shower, get ready for bed and then blog the election results from about 7:30 p.m. on till midnight.

Don Surber will be live blogging Katie tonight. Go check out what one of my favorite bloggers has to say.

Any other Florida bloggers who are covering today's primaries, link to me and send a trackback. I'll update this post with a link back to you.

7:30 p.m. Update- The first election results are coming in. First the Republican Senate race

LeRoy Collins Jr. 2,939 18.7%
Katherine Harris 6,406 40.8
William McBride 4,866 31.0
Peter Monroe 1,491 9.5

Republican Nominee Governor's Race

Crist 10,410 65.1%
Gallagher 4,690 29.3

This race could already be living up to the rout everyone predicted.

Democratic Nominee Governor's race

Davis 11,424 54.1
Smith 6,785 32.1

Remember the Florida legislature did away with primary run-offs. Whomever gets the most votes tonight gets on the ballot in November. Which is a shame since some of the state's best Democrats finished 2nd in the initial primary before winning a run-off. Bob Graham for Governor in 1978, Ruben Askew for Gov. in 1970 and Lawton Chiles for the US Senate in 1970.

Next update in a half hour.

8 p.m.- Nothing yet on the above mentioned State House and State Senate races. Too early to tell how Arthur Anderson is doing as the new elections commissioner.

820 update-
Harris 83,198 49.8% McBride 51,081 30.6

Crist 117,616 Gallagher 62,575
Say Goodnight Tom.

Davis 63,896 Smith 45,425

If Davis wins the Democratic nomination, pencil in Crist as Governor. Smith is the only Democrat with a chance in November.

Oh here is a new post of mine on some funny election day happenings.

845 pm- Still no results on the State House or Senate races. The polls closed almost two hours ago. What's going on?

855 pm- Harris 124,968 McBride 76,419

As much as I'd like to see Harris lose, this race appears to be going that knucklehead's way.

Crist 139,943 Gallagher 70,318.

Davis 88,805 Smith 67,910. The closest race tonight.

Japan's Princess Kiko gave birth. Was the baby a boy or a girl?

Welcome Wizbang Politics and Election Projection readers.

930 Update- Time for the fat lady to sing. Crist has a nearly 2-1 lead in votes over Tom Gallagher. TFM calls that race for Crist. If you want to still follow it, click here. I'm done on updates for that race.

Still nothing on the State Senate or State House races. We did learn Irv Slosberg spent almost 3 million on his race. That is just more proof he is a knucklehead.

Davis 168,103 Smith 140,762. The race for the Democratic nomination for Governor is still too close to call.

For some reason the site with the results on the Republican Senate race are down. Hopefully they will be fixed for a 10 p.m. update.

Florida bloggers Peer Review and State of Sunshine also have posts on today's elections.

TFM has a theory as to what is causing health problems for those who worked at the WTC crash site.

Blogger or Bell South is so slow tonight. Ugh!

10 pm update- First State House and Senate counts

State Senate 30- Deutsch 3,897 Slosberg 3,584
State House 85- Murphy 354 Vana 1,112

The first is still early. Vana is a lock for November.

Judge race I'm following-

Wroble 6,529 French 7,211 Beer 10,965

Looks like the Palm Beach Post will get its wish here.

Democratic Governor- Davis 211,339 Smith 184,917. Its not looking good for Rod or for Democrats in November

US Senate- Still blank. Is this the work of Bill Nelson? (Cue the sarcastic laughter)

TFM just had a break for desert. Be back in a half.

10:15 Update- Harris is a winner. With over 50% of the vote in she leads Will McBride 266,887 t0 158,967. WFLX Channel 29 says AP just called the race too.

Two years ago Hurrican Frances hit South Florida. My first ever hurricane though I was through some typhoons in the Philippines(Plus one coup attempt)

1030 PM Update- 6,720 to 5,704 is the tally for the Deutsch-Slosberg race. All that money and Irv can barely tally 45% of the vote. I wonder if he'll sue after the election.

Jim Davis continues to lead, with over 50% of vote in, his lead is 26,000. Still too early to call.

1045 Update- Welcome Bright & Early readers. I found the PB County results site. Irv Slosberg now trails by 1,400 votes in State Senate District 30 race.

1125 Update- This will be my last for the night. I'm calling the Democratic Governor's race for Jim Davis. He leads 300,325 to 263,502. Too bad there will be no run-off.

Irv Slosberg now trails by over 2,000 votes. All that negative advertising seems to have had the reverse of the effect Slosberg wanted.

Good night and I'll be back in the morning with some day after thoughts.

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