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Tuesday, July 04, 2006

The July 4th Knucklehead of the Day Marathon Part Twenty-Three

Our 23rd winner is Chermaine Williams Stein. She gets the award for the following-

RIVERHEAD, N.Y. - Police investigating a bank robbery didn't have to work hard to find their suspect: she lived at the address that was on the back of the note announcing the holdup.

"I don't think anyone realized what was on the other side," Riverhead police Detective Sgt. Joseph Loggia said Friday morning.

Charmaine Williams Stein, 30, of Riverhead, was arraigned Thursday in Suffolk County Court on one count of grand larceny, accused of holding up the Chase Bank on Main Street on June 10 and making off with $22,000.

Detectives determined that the bank teller, John Mueller, 20, was an accomplice of Stein's, Loggia said. Mueller gave her the money and didn't hit the alarm until she was out of the building, police said. Mueller, of Coram, was charged with grand larceny earlier this month.

The note demanding money was on a bulk mail advertisement that had Stein's address on the back, the detective said. Stein, who was believed to have been out of town for several weeks, was arrested at her home on Wednesday night.

This is a classic Knucklehead. LOL and Chermaine Williams Stein is our twenty-third Knucklehead of the day.


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