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Wednesday, January 11, 2006

@#%^! at the Six O'Clock News

Channel 12 reporter John Bachman was covering the story of a 11-year-old girl who died while trying to cross the road yesterday. I'm bugged by something he said at both the five and six o'clock news broadcasts. Its also at Channel 12's website, written by Ariel Witzenberger.

That makes this difficult situation even harder on Shirley Francis, now a mother of two after Kodijah's death.

That's what I take exception to. Your child dies, you are still their parent. I've had two children die, I'm still their father and my wife their mother. Get your head out of your asses Mr. Bachman and Mr. Witzenberger. You'd feel the same if you ever had your own flesh and blood die you pair of ignorant insensitve nitwits.

Tomorrow is my birthday. My son Daniel's birthday is January. I'd give almost anything to have my son tomorrow.

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