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Monday, November 28, 2005

Mystery solved and Case closed

For almost 13 years a mystery remained in Lantana Florida. Who killed Rita Bado and her daughter, Lisa Bado. Sometimes this case was known as the Hurricane Andrew murders because it took place the night(The Post article is incorrect in saying two, it was one) before that deadly storm passed through Dade County.

Today saw closure finally occur in this case. James Frederick pled guilty to the murders. The Post article makes no mention of it, but Mr. Frederick was hostile today when being asked questions by the judge in regards to his plea bargain. He killed two women over money and a television set. Mr. Fredericks should count himself lucky he isn't facing a death sentence instead of two life terms in jail.

Open Post- Don Surber, Land of Ozz, Pirates, Third World County, Bloggin Outloud who I suggest you go read for his how to bake cookies with your cat. LMAO!

Two of the most vicious and baffling murders in Palm Beach County were officially resolved Monday when James Frederick pleaded guilty to killing Rita Bado and her daughter, Lisa Bado, in their Lantana apartment in 1992 and was sentenced to two consecutive life sentences.

The state dropped additional charges of sexual battery, burglary, kidnapping and grand theft in exchange for Frederick's plea to two counts of first-degree murder with a firearm.

The mother and daughter were each shot in the head, and Lisa Bado was raped two days before Hurricane Andrew ravaged South Florida, investigators said. No evidence ever surfaced that either woman knew her attacker.

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