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Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Go ahead move!

That's my response to Florida Marlins President David Samson's threat to move the team once their stadium lease is up. If team owner Loira wants a stadium, let him build it. He's a millionaire, I'm not and neither are most Floridians. The state of Florida is right in rejecting his request for a stadium. If he don't want to play at Dolphins stadium, let him go elsewhere. Las Vegas won't build him a stadium either.

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MIAMI — The Florida Marlins will look into relocation as early as the 2008 season, after years of unsuccessful attempts to secure a baseball-only stadium in downtown Miami.

Marlins president David Samson said Tuesday the team has received permission from the commissioner's office to investigate its options in other cities. Samson added owner Jeffrey Loria's primary intention is to keep the team in South Florida, but added that no deal will be struck for a ballpark in Miami.

Las Vegas and Portland, Ore., which both failed to land the Montreal Expos before that franchise moved to Washington a year ago, are likely to try to lure the Marlins. Samson said another possibility is building on land near Dolphins Stadium and owned by the franchise's original owner, H. Wayne Huizenga.

"No longer can baseball in South Florida be assured," Loria said in a statement read by Samson.

"It is now clear to us that there will be no baseball stadium in the city of Miami. So we must begin to explore other options. Therefore, we will expand our search beyond the city of Miami."

Loria was in Europe and unavailable for further comment.

The Marlins' lease with Dolphins Stadium — owned by Huizenga — is in effect until 2007. The team has a series of one-year options that could keep it there through the 2010 season. Samson said the team will not extend its current lease at Dolphins Stadium under any circumstances.

"We simply must play in a baseball-only facility," Samson said.

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