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Thursday, October 06, 2005

A visit to the Oncologist

Today I had an appointment with Dr. Rothschild in Palm Beach Gardens. If you don't know about my health woes, read here and the bottom of this post here. My wife took a personal day off from work to accompany me.

Since I hadn't seen Dr. Rothschild in some time, the beginning of my appointment was spent getting caught up on my more recent medical history. Then we went on to my recent MRI results. After that the Doctor examined me.

I had a good checkup with the doctor. Dr. Rothschild, like my dermatologist Dr. Rabinowitz I like very much. That makes appointments more comfortable. You get the feeling with the 15-30 minutes you see him that you are the only patient he has. Another thing, the appointment was right on time. Kudos to the office, now if they could teach this to a surgeon I know.......

Dr. Rothschild ordered a Pet scan for me. I'll have it next Monday and then follow-up with the doctor the Friday afterwards. He explained to me about the tumor and what the test would do. The tumor may be benign, the scan will show if that is likely or if not what Dr Rothschild and I will discuss what my next step will be. I don't know if I have had my cancer metastize but adrenal tumors are usually benign, and melanoma metzing to the adrenals even rarer. That's the good news. If nothing shows on the Pet, then I have these tests repeated in 3 months. Maybe this is just one big scare.

I feel alot better after today's visit. I'll update next week after I get my results.

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