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Sunday, September 25, 2005

Does the Honolulu Advertiser need a civics lesson?

The newspaper has an editorial today on the Akaka bill. It's title- Akaka bill supporters must have backup plan. Here are the first two paragraphs.

Even if they put the best face possible on the latest signals from Washington, Akaka bill supporters can't feel very secure about chances for Native Hawaiian federal recognition this congressional term.

Yes, the bill still could get a vote on the Senate floor and might even pass. But then very little time is left for approval in the House, where administration support is needed for any quick action.

I think the Advertiser is confusing the end of 2005 with the end of the Congressional term. The later doesn't occur till late 2006. So any legislation in Congress thas has a little over a year to pass both houses. That's a great deal of time, not very little time as the Advertiser says. Only if no action occurs before Congress adjourns for the year in 2006 would the bill be dead. It could still be introduced to the next Congress.

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