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Saturday, September 17, 2005

Can't stand the heat Mr. Schultz?

The Palm Beach Post has a blog for their editorial page. It's called the PO box. The paper's editorials and most of it's columns were posted there for the last year. Usually the night before the paper came out, except on weekends where columns and editorials came out on Friday evenings.

Except starting yesterday nothing has been posted to the PO box. Neither columns or editorials. About 10 days or two weeks earlier, delays in posting at the PO box began happening. Postings of editorials and columns would not occur till the day of publication.

Is the Post abandoning the PO box? Is Mr. Schultz and his crew afraid of the posters to the blog who point out the paper's mistakes, intellectual dishonesty and the paper's liberal whining? The Post editorial board as I have pointed out here and here doesn't seem bothered by the lies it puts into print. After all, Mr. Blackburn published nine mistakes and Mr. Schultz didn't rate it worth correcting.

Yes some liberals are afraid of the truth. The PO box provides readers a chance to unmask this paper and its lies. Goodbye PO Box but I'm not done with the Post yet.

Update- The PO Box is back.

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