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Sunday, September 05, 2010

Not standing Pat

The release of QB Pat White and WR Patrick Turner were two of over 20 players the fins cut loose yesterday and today. It wasn't surprising news. Especially to Dolphins fans who questioned the selections of White and Turner on 2009 NFL Draft Day.

I wrote this about White last year.


Miami needs a wide receiver but White was a college Quarterback at West Virginia. He’s got good speed, and size is adequate. The need for the Dolphins at WR is indisputable but to draft a player who for it who didn’t play it in college. Yes Miami used the Wildcat last year, but that’s a gimmick offense that was the league was catching to to as the year progressed.

The best WR on the board was Georgia’s Mohamed Massaquoi. I’d gone for him not White.

White is not a factor in the quarterback picture, though I got to guess that John Beck is unlikely to be on the Dolphin roster for the 2009 season.

ESPN writes-

White is yet another player who doesn’t have a great fit at the NFL level. He isn’t tall or accurate enough to develop into an every-down quarterback and he is a raw receiver who is going to have to learn how to run routes before pushing for playing time in that kind of role. On the flip side, he can do a number of different things for your team and is the kind of player you want in your locker room.

This pick is a definite a head scratcher for Miami Dolphin fans.
The most memorable moment of White's tenure in Miami was the concussion he suffered after a helmet to helmet hit in the 2009 season finale.

White finished his time in Miami 0 for 5 as a passer, ZERO receptions as a receiver, and 81 rushing yards. That and his being a 2nd round draft selection label Pat White as a draft bust.

Now this is what I wrote about Patrick Turner on 2009 NFL Draft Day.

This is another puzzling choice made by Miami. There had been a rush of Wide Receivers before the Dolphins made their pick, but there were much higher ranked(Scouts Inc. had him as the 38th best WR and he was the 14th selected) available receivers out their than Turner. Turner at 6’5 has size, but alot of question marks.
Draft expert Mel Kiper questioned the Turner selection when it happened.

Turner was even less productive than White in the NFL. Not one regular season down played.

So Turner and White were both mistakes. The thing is, they were avoidable mistakes. It was obvious Miami was reaching on draft day. Other selections made by the new Tony Sparano and Bill Parcells regime are also questionable or works in progress. Take for instance the currently suspended Phillip Merling. He was a 2nd round draft selection in 2008. His legal problems, Achilles tendon tear, and so far unamazing play leave his Dolphin in doubt.

Quarterback Chad Henne, another 2nd round selection in 2008, has been brilliant and erratic. His first year as a starter wasn't Dan Marino like. Where will he go from this point?

Defensive Backs Vontae Davis and Sean Smith were 1st and 2nd round selections in 2009 and started every single game. The Miami Dolphin pass defense was ranked 25th in the NFL in 2008 and was worse last year. Are these guys going to step up?

Jake Long is the one unqualified draft success Sparano and Parcells have to date in Miami. I'm not optimistic they have changed the Dolphins much from the disastrous Dave Wanstedt-Nick Saban-Cam Cameron days. My prediction for Miami in 2010- 6-10.

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