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Friday, December 07, 2007

Someone must be looking for work

From the Mainchi Daily News-

The government is set to regulate the Internet by integrating current laws concerning information, telecommunications and broadcasting, it was announced on Thursday.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications unveiled its plan to submit a bill to the regular Diet session in 2010 aimed at unifying the Telecommunications Business Law, the Broadcast Law and other relevant laws.

The move is aimed at paving the way for the government to regulate the contents on the Net, which has enormous influence on society.
First of all Japan is democracy, unlike China, they have no business regulating internet content out of Japan unless it involves some criminal act.

Secondly the internet, and I'm guessing there are thousands if not millions of websites out of Japan, is so huge how is one agency supposed to be regulating it all? You would need thousands of employees to keep up with the internet on a daily basis. Is this some kind of jobs program being proposed.

The news above is rather vague, but I'm guessing the regulations proposed by The Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications aren't much more clearer. What do they plan to regulate? What activity is right and wrong? What's the punishment for wrong behavior? Etc, etc.

One last thing.

The new legal measures could also affect the distribution of newspaper articles on the Internet.
That will make the MSM happy. At the same time, it tells us the Ministry has a problem with free speech. Freedom of Information is a key to a free society. Does the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications think Japan is a dictatorship?

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