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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

A note to my readers

Today I'm having a medical procedure to determine if the cancer I had over 12 years ago has spread to my lymph nodes. The Sentinel node biopsy or SNL as its also called, will take place this morning at 8:30. It only takes 30-60 minutes, so chances are good I'll be home by lunch. That's good, for I'll be starved by then.

Blogging is going to be light today. I put a Knucklehead award(It is a beaut and well worth reading. Principal Carbino is Knucklehead of the Year material.) up already and might be back this afternoon, if only to post an update. We'll see I'm feeling. Please keep me in your prayers.

Noon Update- I got home just before 11. Right now I'm feeling ok, then that may be the residual effects of the local. The operation went well, and I will see the doctor a week from tomorrow for follow-up, to get my stitches removed plus find out the biopsy results.

Dear Wife is complaining I'm online and should be resting. She is threatening to take away my laptop. I'm a glutton for punishment, but that would be too heinous to bear even for a masochist. LOL. Right now I need a rest. Depending on how I feel later on, I may do some light blogging later this afternoon.

Second update(4 pm)- I was bored of Hawaii Five 0 and wasn't sleepy, so I did some blogging. Now I need some rest.

Thank you to all those who wrote.

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