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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Name the judge

From the Palm Beach Post-

Alvin Lamont Walker's rap sheet includes arrests for three homicides, a rape, batteries, burglaries and assaults.

And yet, after his 41st arrest, Sunday, the longtime Pahokee criminal was released immediately on his own recognizance, without having to post bail.

Walker, 57, who goes by the nickname "Cooter Pop," was charged with simple battery, for allegedly punching a fellow customer during an argument at a Pahokee liquor store.

Walker's criminal record reads like a broken record of dropped, dismissed or reduced charges.


In 1977 Walker spent less than four years in state prison after being convicted of homicide-manslaughter by culpable negligence, according to state Department of Corrections records.

He was arrested in the 1994 slaying of 77-year-old Herman "Papa" Wilson, who was beaten to death in Wilson's home. In that case, Walker served three years on the lesser charge of manslaughter, after he provided jailhouse testimony in the murder trial of a drug dealer.

Walker was arrested again in October 2000, for allegedly killing Rev. Eulis Wright, an 89-year-old minister slain by a blow to the head. The state attorney's office dropped the case, saying there wasn't enough evidence.

In 2002 Pahokee cops were thrilled when he was convicted of threatening a shop owner, with a screwdriver. He was back out in less than two years.

Then there's 2004, when he was charged with sexual battery, burglary and false imprisonment, after a woman reported he broke into her house with a screwdriver and raped her repeatedly.
We get the less than wonderful history of Alvin Lamont Walker. There is just one thing missing in the above article.

Who is the judge who ordered no bail after Walker's most recent arrest? I got a Knucklehead award waiting if the Post(or any other media outlet) names the Judge in question. Walker is a menace, and some kind of bail needed to be set. Does the Post feel it isn't necessary to say who the judge was? Then I would remind them of this story from the Tampa area. If judges aren't held accountable, people can lose their lives. Just ask the family of Sgt. Ron Hamlin Harrison.

I guess the Post agrees with the Tampa Tribune. Don't blame the Judge, sorry but I do.

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