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Monday, August 13, 2007

Lets play Name a County Commissioner Part II

The latest news on the search for Warren Newell's replacement.

Palm Beach County School Board member Bob Kanjian, a buzz-generating applicant for the gubernatorial appointment to replace shamed former County Commissioner Warren Newell, owns a company that markets new homes for small- to mid-size builders. Kanjian said virtually all of Building Solutions LLC's dealings are outside the unincorporated areas where the commission's actions could have an effect on his business. He said the builders he works with typically deal with "finished" land rather than coming before local governments for zoning approval.

Considering the mingling of public business and private gain that led to criminal charges against Newell and jail-bound former Commission Chairman Tony Masilotti, Kanjian said he'd be extra vigilant about avoiding potential conflicts if Gov. Charlie Crist appoints him to the District 3 vacancy.

"I'll be the first one to recuse myself," Kanjian said last week. And, he added: "If all the sudden you see me as a partner in a bunch of deals, you need to write about that."

Kanjian lives in Commissioner Jeff Koons' District 2 but said he would establish residency in District 3 if Crist chose him.
In a county of over a million people, I'd think Governor Crist can find someone who actually lives inside of District 3 to represent it. Like with Dagmar Brahs, another mentioned replacement, I think the Governor should take a pass on Kanjian.

It's good to hear Kanjian will recuse himself if a conflict of interest arises. However shouldn't that need being said?

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