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Sunday, July 15, 2007

Too Late Nick

From the Sun-Sentinel-

"I have been criticized for that and maybe rightfully so, but it's not really who I am, and I do care about what people think," Saban said. "I am responsible for how I handled [leaving the Dolphins for the Alabama job] and I tried to handle it in a way that was going to be the best for our team.
No Nick, you handled it in a fashion only suited for yourself. That's why you got my much coveted Knucklehead award last January. Yes some people consider it a reward or honor.

Rick at SOTP wrote-

Nah, you think so coach? Let's see, you jumped out of a sinking ship after making some of the biggest holes, captain. Add public flip-flopping, equivocating or outright lies and a big Alabama-rolling-billboard moving truck and I'd say you did as much as you could to ensure an ungraceful exit.
It was both classless and ungraceful. Nick Saban will get his due one day. Coaching the Crimson Tide hasn't been a pleasant experience for most of Bear Bryant's successors. Saban could well find it just as unrewarding and when it does there will be cheering in South Florida.

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