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Friday, July 13, 2007

The MSM and the runway incursion

More on the happenings in Fort Lauderdale two days ago. From CBS-

Authorities say two planes came within 30 feet of colliding at Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport Thursday after one missed its turn onto a taxiway and entered a runway where the other aircraft was about to land.
Note- My previous post on t his news can be read here.

The 30 feet described by CBS contradicts AP's reporting that says 100 feet. Sp is right, AP or CBS?

That great bastion of on-time news reporting, The Sun-Sentinel, finally got around to reporting the incursion also.

The National Transportation Safety Board said Friday it was joining the investigation into how two commercial airplanes carrying a total of 300 passengers came within 100 feet of colliding on a runway at Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport recently.

The Federal Aviation Administration also is looking into the Wednesday afternoon incident.
Isn't it sad when a newspaper gets scooped by a wire service on a local story by at least a half a day? Maybe Earl Maucker is too busy deleting the names of gang rapists out of news articles to be bothered covering what could have been the worst air disaster in US history.

CBS isn't much better than the Sun-Sentinel. Take for instance this bit of their reporting.

One of the worst runway incursions was in 1991, when a US Air jet was mistakenly allowed to land on a Los Angeles runway while a twin-engine turbo-prop plane was taking off, killing thirty-four people, reports Cordes.

Was CBS reporter Cordes relying just on her own memory? I think she was, because if she had consulted an aviation expert they would have mentioned the Tenerife disaster rather than US Air Flight 1493. At Tenerife, a 747 also missed its runway turnoff with horrible consequences. With the exception of it being a near miss, doesn't the FTL FLL runway incursion sound similar to what happened on March 27, 1977 in the Canary Islands?

The National MSM can be just as dumb as the locals.

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