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Monday, July 16, 2007

Illegal immigrants= Jews in Nazi Germany?

Today's Palm Beach Post in an article about how illegal aliens have to hide because of their fear of being rounded up by immigration, has one of the most interesting quotes I've read in a while.

"They" are immigration authorities making sweeps to pick up undocumented individuals. Lydia - not her real name - concedes that those immigration agents do not want to harm her or her loved ones physically.

"They don't want to send us to concentration camps either," she says. "But still you start thinking the way the Jews thought in the time of Nazis. You are always thinking of the need to hide."
My sister's mother-in-law is a concentration camp survivor. TFM is not Jewish, but Roman Catholic.

I've never talked to Mrs. Feigen about her experiences, nor hear her ever discuss them. What I have heard from others, is the fear Jews in Europe felt because of the Nazis. These people's only crime was their religion.

Lydia's crime is she entered this country illegally. Her fear of authorities is belivable, she's broken the law. The Jews didn't. The two situations are entirely different. The Post and two reporters John Lantigua and Dianna Smith, shouldn't be making the comparison, even if its quoting this woman.(I do wonder if the reporters were putting words in Lydia's mouth. TFM doesn't put much beyond the realm of possibility when talking about the hack journalists in West Palm Beach.) 6 million Jews were killed during WWII. Deporting illegal aliens in the United States isn't the same thing and insulting to Jews.

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