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Friday, July 13, 2007

Big trouble for John McCain in Florida

United States Senator and 2008 Presidential hopeful, John McCain hasn't had much to cheer about this week. For instance.

In the mid-1990s, years before Sen. John McCain officially launched his first bid to become president, it was John Weaver who convinced the senator that he had all the ingredients to win the GOP nomination and the Oval Office.

Weaver -- a lanky, fidgety Republican strategist with a deceptively low-key Southern drawl -- would go on to become one of McCain's closest advisers during the 2000 race, an architect of the "Straight Talk Express." Weaver was also, literally, the senator's right-hand man: On the road, he would join McCain, whose range of arm motion was limited by his wounds in Vietnam, in his hotel room to help him comb his hair.

On Tuesday, McCain parted ways with his longtime aide and engineered a dramatic shake-up of his presidential campaign team as he sought to reverse a months-long downward spiral that has left him short of cash and struggling for support.
The never ending Presidential campaign is taking casualties months before a vote is even cast. How this is good for democracy is beyond me. Former Iowa Governor Thomas Vilsack was the first major candidate to withdraw.

Now we have this news about a Florida Co-Chair for the McCain Presidential campaign.

A veteran Republican state legislator was arrested Wednesday by authorities in Brevard County on charges that he solicited sex from a male undercover cop.

Rep. Bob Allen, a Merritt Island Republican who was first elected to the state House in 2000, told a Central Florida television station that it was ''a very big misunderstanding'' and a ``gross mistake.''

''I'm not in anyway associated with that they are saying, this is disgusting,'' said Allen as he was escorted out of the Titusville Police Department and taken to the Brevard County Jail.

According to the newspaper Florida Today, Allen was seen by police going in and out of a bathroom at a park in Titusville. Moments later, Allen allegedly asked a male undercover cop if he could perform oral sex on him for $20.
Which leads to the Florida blog quote of the day. Bob Norman at The Daily Pulp writes-

Yeah? How big was it, Bobby?
LOL, See TFM isn't the only sarcastic South Florida blogger. How long before the McCain campaign gives up? Feel free to leave your predictions in my comments section.

Florida blogger Jim at State of Sunshine blogged recently that the end is near for the McCain campaign. I fear Jim is right.

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