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Wednesday, February 07, 2007


From the Sun-Sentinel-

The Broward School Board agreed Tuesday to work with eight other government agencies and private universities as well as several cities to blanket the county with a wireless signal in a project called OneBroward.

Using the broadcast towers that rise over each of the district's 270 schools, officials believe they can transmit a signal that could cover all of Broward. Pilot programs will begin this summer, although officials have not determined how they will be structured. If those are successful, the entire county will have wireless Internet access, in one form or another, in 18 months.

"The possibilities are unlimited on how we use this," said school board member Robert Parks. "One of the big things for the school district is that it's going to eliminate the digital divide, where all families have access to the school district at home."

Allowing police to monitor security cameras placed in public places has some parent activists watching closely to make sure technology intended to protect does not become intrusive.
I'm sure we'll soon hear from the Civil Rights crowd how intrusive if not unconstitutional this police monitoring would be. Then its a fact of life today that security cameras can be found almost anywhere we go. How much of a person's day outside of their home isn't being monitored already?

No such program is being considered here in Palm Beach County at this time. TFM has blogged about some of the legal and law enforcement abuses in Broward. Is Palm Beach behind the curve or just smarter than our neighbors to the south?

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