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Thursday, February 08, 2007

Where there is smoke.....

From the Sun-Sentinel-

Delray Beach ยท Smokers on the city's beach would be confined to two 30-foot-by-30-foot areas about a third of a mile apart if the City Commission accepts a recommendation by the Ocean Rescue department Tuesday.

Each smoking area, roughly the footprint of a small house, would be roped off and have one receptacle for cigarette butts within its boundaries, Ocean Rescue suggests. Daily patrolling of the beach is recommended.

The suggestions are the first to be made since Mayor Jeff Perlman introduced the concept of limiting smoking on the beach in September.

Under the recommendations, 68 new signs listing the beach rules, including the smoking restrictions, would be posted at the 34 beach entrances. An all-terrain vehicle is recommended to patrol the one-mile beach for violators.
You'd think a town with Crime stats worse than the national average would have better things to do than worry about smoking on the beach. But not here in Palm Beach County.

As Rick at SOTP wrote-

Let people smoke. Let them slowly kill themselves, if they want. But don't waste taxpayer money and time on them by enacting boneheaded laws.
I totally agree with Rick. TFM is a non-smoker(my parents both smoked and my Mom died at age 53 of lung cancer)and hates cigarette smoke. However I'm not a anti-smoking crusader. Mayor Jeff Perlman should concentrate on real crime, not waste even one minute of police manpower enforcing a silly city ordinance.

A Knucklehead award may be in the works if the Delray Beach Commission passes an ordinance like Mayor Perlman suggests.

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