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Thursday, February 08, 2007

Handcuffs over Pizza

A story from today's Sun-Sentinel. Is this story really unique because the police in question were on the way to lunch and among those doing the arrest was the Chief of Police? Since they were all on duty, I'd just see this as the police doing the jobs they were hired to do. Memo to Chief Scarberry- You should get out more often.

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Hollywood ยท This is how the Police Department's top brass spent their Wednesday afternoon:

Piled into an SUV. Drove to La Piazza Pasta Cafe. Had a nice lunch. Made it back in time for the regular city commission meeting.

And somewhere along the way, made an arrest.

About 11 a.m., police Capt. Tony Rode was behind the wheel of his black SUV, heading downtown to catch a bite. Also aboard were Chief James Scarberry, Assistant Chief Louis Granteed and Maj. James Jones.

Heading east on Hollywood Boulevard, Jones noticed two teens on bikes riding south on 24th Avenue.

The two matched descriptions from a strong-arm robbery Tuesday night in the same area, Jones said.

"We decided, let's do it!" said Jones. "This is our job, after all."

The teens were stopped two doors down from Commissioner Beam Furr's house on Monroe Street and questioned about the robbery. They were not charged, but one was arrested when marijuana was found in his pocket, Rode said.

Scarberry said it felt good to do some crime fighting after spending so much time behind a desk.

"I do miss doing those sort of things," said the chief.

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