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Wednesday, January 03, 2007


Nick Saban is Alabama bound.

Saban has agreed to become the new head coach at the University of Alabama, ending his two-year tenure with the Dolphins.

He informed Dolphins owner H. Wayne Huizenga of his decision Wednesday. Huizenga made the announcement at a news conference, without Saban. Huizenga said he met with the coach at Saban's house this morning.

A source said Saban informed all of his coaches by speakerphone that he was leaving.

Guess who is getting a Knucklehead award tomorrow for his December 21st statement to the press?

So who will be the next Dolphin head coach? Lets throw out some name

Mike Mularkey- Current Offensive Coordinator of Miami
Don Capers- Current Defensive Coordinator
Jim Bates- Dolphins interim coach in 2004
Dennis Green- Recently fired Arizona Cardinal coach
Pete Carroll- USC Head coach and former Jets coach
Bill Cowher- Pittsburgh Steeler Head coach and rumored to be quitting
Jimmy Johnson- Former Dolphin coach and TV analyst
Some more

Steve Mariucci
Ron Rivera-NFL Asst Coach
Rex Ryan- Ditto
Mike Shula
Bobby Petrino

Lets sort out the list. I got all these names from either ESPN or The Sun-Sentinel.

Jimmy Johnson and Bill Cowher- LOL, only in some Star Trek alternate universe would they end up on the Dolphin sideline in 2007.

Mike Shula- Ditto. Shula has an obvious Miami connection and the trade of coaches would be ironic, but it just won't happen.

Sun-Sentinel readers think otherwise. Last time I looked Shula was polling first.

Ryan, Rivera and almost any NFL asst coach- The ones with playoff teams will be unavailable to interview till their team's elimination. Which leaves the guys who aren't coaching playoff teams. If the Dolphins want a present NFL asst not on their staff already, they should wait till after the Super Bowl.

Here's a longshot Asst possibility- Donnie Henderson formerly of the Jets and Lions, though getting fired by Detroit would look like a resume liability. To me it would be a blessing.

Petrino- Perennial rumor coach. Who knows if the NFL would interest him?

Carroll- See Petrino comment. If I were the Dolphins I'd put out feelers to Carroll.

Dennis Green- I'd like to see him considered for the Dolphin job and said so two days ago.

Mariucci- He's never impressed me but Miami may give them a look if they want an experienced NFL head coach.

Capers and Mularkey- Capers is a possibility, on the other hand Mularkey's choice would be about as popular with Dolphin fans as a David Duke speaking offer to the NAACP. Alot of Miami followers blame Mularkey for the team's offensive woes.

I played High school ball against Mularkey in Broward County in the 1970's. If we're going to interview former South Florida former HS gridiron players, we should add U of GA head coach Mark Richt to the list.

Richt as head coach, Mularkey as offensive coordinator. Can I coach special teams?

Jim Bates- An intriguing choice but probably unlikely. Bates was runnerup to Saban at the end of the 2004 season for the Dolphins head coaching job. Alot of Miami fans and players thought Bates should have been given a full-time shot at coaching Miami. He was 3-4 with a team that started 1-8. Another reason for his support, may have been Bates enthusiasm. His sideline manner was hardly dour in his short time as the Dolphins head coach.

Since leaving Miami, Bates was Green Bay defensive coordinator in 2005. I heard on ESPN that he took a sabbatical or leave from football in 2006.

If I were Miami, I'd consider Bates, Green and Carroll.

Update- The Sun-Sentinel is listing some more potential coaches. They include-

Chicago Bears defensive coordinator Ron Rivera, former Green Bay head coach Mike Sherman, San Diego Chargers offensive coordinator Cam Cameron, Indianapolis assistant head coach Jim Caldwell, Tennessee Titans offensive coordinator Norm Chow and Pittsburgh Steelers assistants Russ Grimm and Ken Whisenhut.
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