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Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Knucklehead of the Year award- Bureaucratic

Time to give out our fourth Knucklehead of the Year award. This time it is the bureaucratic category. The application of dumb rules or bureaucratic foul-ups that either make you laugh or sometimes scream.

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Our Judging Panel remains the same. They are-

Greta from Hooah Wife and Friends
Don Surber
The Professor from Right Wing Nation
Doyle from A Cool Change
Jim from Bright & Early
James Joyner from Outside the Beltway
Dr. Steven Taylor from Poliblog
Jo from Jo's Cafe
Mr C from Peer Review FL
John in Carolina

Right in Florida
Rick from Stuck on the Palmetto
and Yours Truly. A big thank you to all the bloggers who helped out.

Our six nominees are

Blacktown Hospital
Brevard County Animal Services
Federal Aviation Administration
Florida Department of Children and Families
Hoosier Lottery
North Broward Hospital District

The judges had the following comments on the nominees.

James Joyner wrote- "2 (write-in) TSA"

TFM has to admit he has been derelict in giving that misguided agency a Knucklehead. I've given three lifetime to the IRS, does that makeup for it?

Mr C wrote- "1 DCF doesn’t have the authority

2 Blacktown Hospital has a “systems error”

3 Hoosier Lottery and the $1,050,005 winning ticket."

Greta wrote- "1. squirelly call
2. Hoosiers are big losers
3. anything involving children & negligence makes we want to prosecute them & not give them anything so kind as being called"

TFM thought Brevard County Animal Services was one of the funniest knuckleheads he gave out in 2006.

Doyle wrote- "1) Alan Levine, Chief Executive (North Broward Hospital District)

Count it as you will. Although North Broward Hospital District is the nominee, I’m doing a write-in vote for the "Man With The Answer," their new chief executive, the person you quoted."

All six nominees received at least one first place vote. While Blacktown hospital came in a close second, the winner turned out to be.............

Florida Department of Children and Families!

They join The New York Times, Andrew Tilley and Hilton Hotels as a Knucklehead of the year finalist. Please come back tomorrow to see who the next nominee will be. On December 31st the Grand Knucklehead of 2006 will be announced. Till then, have a great week.

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