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Sunday, November 19, 2006

What book are you reading now?

Jo did this type of post at her blog. I thought I'd do the same.

I'm currently reading Bob Woodward's 'State of Denial'.

Waiting to be read-

The Greatest Story ever sold by Frank Rich
In defense of internment by Michelle Malkin
My Life by Bill Clinton
Journalistic Fraud by Bob Kohn
Castles of Steel by Robert Massie
The Rape of Nanking by Iris Chang
Off with their heads by Dick Morris
China wakes by Nicholas Kristof
Ten minutes from Normal by Karen Hughes
The Mission Song by John le Carre
Now it's my turn by Mary Cheney
Dean Acheson by Robert Beisner

There are a few more books waiting around to be read too.

From the list you can see I like to read non-fiction and from very differing points of view. Malkin and Rich?

The same could be said for books I completed recently-

Mark Levin's Men in Black
Thomas Ricks' Fiasco
Frederick Forsyth's The Afghan

So what are reading and what is on your bookshelf waiting for you? Anyone out there as schizophrenic in their reading material as TFM? LOL.

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