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Monday, July 03, 2006

Talking big

North Korea is making threats again.

SEOUL, South Korea - North Korea stepped up its anti-U.S. rhetoric on Monday, accusing Washington of mounting military pressure on the regime and vowing to respond to any pre-emptive U.S. attack with an "annihilating" nuclear strike.

The threat of a nuclear retaliation to a U.S. strike was an intensification of the North's customary anti-U.S. vitriol, in which it often accuses Washington of plotting an attack on the country. The reclusive North has recently come under heightened scrutiny after reports by the United States and Japan that it has taken steps to prepare for a test of a long-range missile.

White House spokesman Tony Snow refused to respond to what he called "a hypothetical situation."

"It is a statement about what may happen if something that hasn't happened happened, if you follow my drift," he said.
One hears so much inflamatory rhetoric from Pyongyang, that one starts to ignore it. It is just alot of posturing.

Snow is right, its talk about what could happen if something else happend. Alot of hypotheticals. I could win the lottery on Wednesday and have so much money that I'd buy a small island in the South Pacific. All hypothetically speaking of course.

Most dictators talk big. Only by bravado or force, imagined or real, do these people stay in power. A missile attack would be a suicidal move by the DPRK. Most dictators take their survival seriously. Like Fidel Castro, then some don't like Adolph Hitler.

2-1 North Korea never test fires the missile. Then considering my Dolphins and US Open weather predictions, I wouldn't take my prediction to the bank.

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