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Saturday, July 08, 2006

From the Silly news desk

Some news from Ireland. What was this guy's rush? His passenger wasn't going anywhere.

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DUBLIN (Reuters) - An Irish hearse driver has been fined for speeding -- while leading a funeral cortege.

Police ordered undertaker John Carr to pay an 80 euro ($102) fine and gave him two penalty points for driving at 69 km/hr (43 miles/hour) in a 50 km/hr zone.

Several other vehicles in the cortege -- on its way to a funeral in County Donegal, northwest Ireland -- were also fined and their drivers threatened with prosecution if they did not pay.

Hundreds of people were caught in the same area during a police crackdown last month, including parents taking their children to school.

"I've never heard of a hearse being done for speeding before. I supposed I'll probably have to pay the fine," The Irish Times newspaper quoted Carr as saying. "I'm not too worried about the points because I intend not to incur any more."

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