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Thursday, July 13, 2006

Blundering along

Best describes the Katherine Harris campaign at present. Here is the most recent news.

WASHINGTON — Three months after replacing her top campaign staff, U.S. Rep. Katherine Harris is facing another upheaval in her bid for the U.S. Senate.

Campaign manager Glenn Hodas resigned today and will leave the campaign Friday. Field director Pat Thomas has also turned in her resignation. Two others, political director Brian Brooks and deputy field director John Byers, have indicated they also will leave.

Communications director Chris Ingram's resignation was announced late Wednesday.

Hodas, who was hired with Ingram on April 4 after a similar mass resignation by five Harris top staffers in March, said he left for the same reasons as his predecessors.

Hodas said Harris "hasn't kept any of her promises" regarding her behavior, including promises "not to have tantrums, not to berate staff, not to micromanage and nitpick, and not to get flustered on inconsequential details.

"It's all the same old stuff. None of it has changed. If anything, it's gotten worse," said Hodas, who plans to return to Illinois, where he has a private political consulting company.

Hodas clashed with Harris, a Republican from Longboat Key, over her efforts to micromanage the campaign and what he called "increasingly erratic decisions," such as agreeing to participate in campaign events and then canceling at the last moment.


Ingram declined to explain why he had left the campaign, calling it a "personal decision" and saying he wished Harris and the campaign well.

He said he would return to his private communications company in the Tampa Bay area.

Former campaign manager Jim Dornan, who resigned last year after similar bitter disputes with Harris, said it is difficult for political operatives to find jobs so late in an election year.

"It must have been so bad inside the four walls of her headquarters that they felt they just couldn't take it anymore," Dornan said.
I don't know why Harris is still in race except for it being an ego thing. This only the most recent troubles for her. Click here, here, and here for other examples. Heck, I haven't even blogged every instance because its just getting so repetitive. One campaign catastrophe on top of the other.

Considering Harris' health issue, it would be time to make a graceful withdrawal from the race and leave the Republicans a miracle chance in the fall. Right now this Senate seat is staying Democratic.

James Joyner also blogged on the latest Harris news.
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